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Before, stock trading was the exclusive domain of men. But now, there’s no reason why women shouldn’t try their hand and succeed at trading the stock market. In fact, here are 5 reasons why women make better traders than men. Despite what people think, female traders have greater potential to become better than men. It isn’t boasting, it is just that we possess inherent characteristics that suits the nature of trading. Here are just a few solid evidences on why female traders prove to be the stronger performers in the financial markets.

Well, allow me to introduce myself. I worked a typical job like everyone else, yet I was never taken seriously and my opinions were often dismissed by male colleagues. After the birth of my son, I wanted to find a job that gave me flexibility to concentrate on being a mother but also earned me enough money to contribute to my household.

Fortunately, I found the male dominated world of market trading and with few review trading platforms alternatives! My main goal in starting DumbBitchTrades is to inspire other women to build the life that they desire while still being the mom they want to be or the single, independent woman they are! I want to take away the stigma that stock trading is complicated and only for men because with the right tools and information relayed in a fun and simple way, anyone can be a success! DumbBitchTrades is your go-to site for trading information.

Stock exchange trading hours is one of the most relevant topic yet least discussed. It’s easy to ignore as everything might seem obvious but you’ll be shocked by how important understanding the market is. Think about it, if you can have a hard time answering a simple question like: “is the stock market open on weekends?” You must consider putting everything else aside so we can go through this together: Did you know by understanding the trading hours of different markets can improve your performance and even increase your profits?