The luxury housing market has been reactivated

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The luxury housing market has been reactivated. The projects paralyzed during the crisis have been resumed and new residential projects have been started in the high standing areas. The offer of exclusive products has increased, but it is still scarce because it is quickly absorbed. In Madrid, sales have grown 60% in the premium areas of the city in the last year, according to a study by bestbarcelonaapartments, with a price increase of 3.6%


Essential of a luxury home

In the list of must have a luxury home buyers give great importance to the environment where it is located. They have to be prime areas of the cities with all the services that the buyer may need at any time of the day. The interior of the home is essential for these buyers, but the community has a special value because it has to be exclusive and classy.


“The client is very demanding with the level of the farm where the house is, because it may be that the housing is luxury but that the common areas do not accompany this excellence. It is more important that the common areas are in perfect condition that the house itself is in good condition as say barcelona apartments

The qualities in which buyers choose when choosing the home are location, distribution, building, height of the floor, views and security. “The materials of the house can be changed and depend on oneself, however, the other characteristics, whether they are owned or not but not dependent on one,”


Size does not define luxury

Size does not matter when it comes to defining luxury housing, although there is a tendency to associate luxury with palaces and houses of several hundred square meters in size, the truth is that there are very small luxury homes. They can be small houses, but with some finishes and luxury details. “In general, they have to be homes of more than 150 meters and 4 or 5 rooms. The ultra-flow only refers to homes over 250 meters “, explains Emilio L. van Dam Monsalve, director of Promora.


Independently of the size, the house has to be well distributed, with spacious and proportionate stays. Each room must be equipped with its independent bathroom and, in the case of the main room, a dressing room and a bathroom en suite are distributed in the same space. “Normally, as these people have service personnel they need that the houses also have a room with an office for the service”, they clarify in bestbarcelonaapartments


The barrier of one million euros

One million euros is the psychological barrier that marks the price that a luxury home should have, although there are different categories of luxury according to the price. Professionals insist that more than the final price of housing, what you have to value is what the square meter costs. “From € 4,000 / m² and € 750,000 would be the minimum price, but these values ​​are not absolute because we have homes of € 12,000,000 with 3,500 m², which come out at € 3,400 / m², and others of 50 m² that They cost € 8,000 / m², what defines luxury is the area and the building “says the director of Promora.


“Then there is a sector of ultraluxury houses that exceed € 5,000,000, where you are looking for the best of the best,” he admits. In the valuation of luxury, the quality of the house affects more than the price. “It can be a flat of 50 square meters with a single room and have a price of 400,000 euros because it is in an aparthotel, with own services of a hotel and it is a luxury product,” says Camprecios.


High quality materials and finishes

Apart from the design and style of the houses, there are elements that can not be lacking in luxury housing. Noble woods, import marbles, sanitary ware and designer kitchens, high-end appliances and technology to make housing comfortable and equipped with all services. “What characterizes luxury, is the care with which the materials have been combined to achieve an original, cozy, sober and impactful environment”, highlights Van Dam. Among the details that make the difference stand out the external enclosures that isolate the noise and from the cold, kitchens with one-piece countertops and quality faucets.


The tastes also vary according to the type of buyer, as Russian or Chinese customers are not looking for the same as Central European or American customers. “It is closely related to the culture of the buyer, for example, gold and marble like Russian, Chinese and Middle Eastern buyers more, while high ceilings with coffered ceilings and mosaics are more valued by the Central European customer,” they comment as say luxury apartments Barcelona spain